Problems with Magic Lantern

First off this isn’t going to be a rant against Magic Lantern (ML) or anything like that. I just wanted to write this post as a warning for some of you who are thinking about using ML on your productions on a larger scale. 

I couple weeks ago I finally got around to getting ML put onto my 5D MkIII. I go the workflow going pretty well and did some test shots and was in love instantly. The extra dynamic range alone had me sold, not to mention all the other features. 

So I decided to using my ML hacked 5D for shooting a weekly web series I work on as a test. During production it worked fine, but when I got into post I had somehow magically lost half the footage on the card. When I put it back into the camera to check what the deal was the 5D somehow magically reset itself back to default and deleted ML completely. 

Needless to say for now I’m going to leave ML to test and not for production, at least until it is officially supported on the 5D MkIII. Just make sure you’re careful using experimental stuff on something that matters. 

Mar 11, 2014

Over the past few weeks I’ve been building out my new (old) Mac Pro a the office. I did a bunch of research and settled on buying an older body for now and just building up the specs. This machine really is crazy fast for a DSLR workflow and let’s us do some heavier RAW footage editing in Da Vinci Resolve. Also doing it this way instead of waiting for the new Mac Pros saved us about $2,500 or more. 

I got to learn how to put in GPU’s and Ram myself as well so it turned out to be a fun build. 

I also have two of the Asus Pro Art series monitors to top it all off. Definitely a great set up to get everything up a rolling.

Feb 11, 2014

I love the Malick-esque feel of this cinematography. Over all just really well done, check out more of Hunter’s stuff too if you have a few minutes. 

Feb 1, 2014

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